compact systems

They are a compact solution for the profitable production of seed oil. We take care of everything for you, from planning and production to supply and installation.

Extract seed oil easily and fruitfully off your own bat and increase the profitability of your farm.

Process oilseeds quickly and easily, produce high-quality plant oils yourself, and also obtain plant pellets for animal feed: Our CAF compact systems made in Germany are the solution for your project and are quickly ready for use on your farm. What are the other benefits of our systems? See for yourself:

Quickly up and running with high standards

We manufacture the entire system in Germany using high-quality components and a modular design. This means it is ready for operation on your farm in a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks. And it’s there to stay, as it is extremely durable and low-maintenance.

Maximum quality for your product

Using our system, you can produce high quality cold pressed seed oils without additives. As the pressing process takes place in a nitrogen atmosphere, therefore with no oxidation, you can significantly increase the shelf life of your product. Particularly suitable for organic produce.

Variable dimensions

From 50 to 10,000 t per year – what size do you need? We enable the establishment of small farms for organic oil production as well as the setup of entire large farms.

More flexibility thanks to compact modular design

Thanks to the compact modular design, we enable cost-effective transport and rapid setup at practically any depot. If required, the systems can be easily transported from one location to another and expanded at any time.

Everything then and there

Save on long transport distances. As a grower, you process your plants directly and produce your oil on your own farm – including press cake as a by-product, which you can use as feed or process into a compound feed.

Practically runs by itself

Our systems run largely semi-automatically, meaning that you have plenty of time for other things with minimal operating effort.

Your journey to your own system

  • Let’s say you run a farm, produce oilseeds and sell them to an oil mill, for example. Besides your farm, you also have animals that need compound feed. This contains press cake, which you in turn need to purchase from the oil mill.
  • You tell us exactly how things are going right now and you tell us your goals. Based on this, we will draw up a rough concept proposal for you, which we will further develop after meeting you on your farm. We would also be happy to integrate existing system concepts.
  • We offer various financing concepts – from short-term options to financing spread over five or seven years. The important factors here are both the desired size of the investment and the participating banks. We are always on hand during this and offer active support for the cooperation with the banks.
  • Once all questions regarding financing have been clarified, we construct the system according to your needs. For example, we can make it from stainless steel and food-grade materials. Or do you need the oil production system for the industrial sector? Then, of course, you can also opt for a cheaper variant.
  • Your system is now delivered to you pre-assembled from Germany, set up on site by German and local specialists, and handed over in turnkey condition. You and the subsequent operating personnel will also receive expert training. We will get your team ready for further demand-based service. And if a tricky situation should ever arise, your local ammac partners will be there to help you.
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How a CAF system works

A 1 2 B 3 4 C 5 6 7 8 9 D D 10 E
  • A - Storage module

    The raw goods supplied are stored temporarily and ventilated in the storage module. Afterwards they are forwarded on to cleaning.

  • 1 - Cleaning

    Potential dirt particles such as sand or pebbles are removed. The cleaned raw goods are then moved on to the base module via augers.

  • 2 - Hopper

    While the raw goods are fed into the extrusion system, any metallic foreign bodies are magnetically separated.

  • B - Basic module

    With the help of conveyor elements, the raw goods are now distributed to the individual extruders.

  • 3 - Extruders

    The extrusion augers enable the oil to be separated from the raw goods. Thanks to their special design, the extrusion augers are also suitable for hard seeds and ensure maximum oil yield from the cold-press procedure.

  • 4 - Pre-separator

    In this step, the separated oil goes into the filtration module via a settling tank. The pressing residues are pressed into pellets and moved on to the pellet store.

  • C - Filtration module

    Here, the oil is filtered in several steps.

  • 5 - Mixing station

    Filtering additives are mixed to the oil in the filtration module. They make up around 1-2% of the oil volume.

  • 6 - Plate filter

    The oil respectively the filtration mixture is fed from an intermediate tank under high pressure through a multiple plate filter. The filters can be cleaned by hand. We recommend doing this once a day.

  • 7 - Fine filtration

    Here, the oil is fed to the feed pump via an additional fine filter.

  • 8 - Oil supply

    The finished oil product is transported to the storage container or tanker by means of a feed pump with a counter.

  • 9 - Oil tank

    The double-walled storage container collects the amount of oil that you plan to use. For optimal control, the container has a leak indicator and level monitoring.

  • D - Pellet store

    All pellets are sent to the pellet store cooled.

  • D - Pellet store

    All pellets are sent to the pellet store cooled.

  • 10 - Pellet silo

    To avoid heat and to maintain quality, the plant pellets are ventilated in the storage silo.

  • E - Loading

    Augers are used to ensure that loading of the product onto your means of transport is as straightforward as possible.

What our customers say

  • ‘Since purchasing CAF system, we have been supporting the economic development of our region. The system was completely assembled by ammac, and our employees were expertly trained in Russian. We are very satisfied with both the system and the service.’

    CAF6000 user in Serdobsk, Russia

  • ‘Our investment in the system has paid off many times over. We have been successfully producing plant oil ever since and make regular profits, including from the sale of pellets.’

    CAF2000 and CAF1000 user in Elsk, Belarus

  • ‘Using our system, we can produce oil as food and can supply it to our region. Due to food quality requirements, the system has to meet special demands. All of the components and materials were therefore specially adapted to our needs.’

    CAF600 user in Lida, Belarus

  • ‘We’re proud of our system. As a demo machine, it makes a great impression due to the immaculate workmanship. From the very beginning, ammac has looked after us very well and supported us with any questions we’ve had. This is what a good cooperation is all about.’

    CAF600 user in Chungcheongbuk-Do, South Korea

  • ‘The compact design enables convenient transport, even over thousands of kilometres. Thanks to the generator supplied, we can also operate the system at our remote depot in the Mongolian steppe.’

    CAF100 user in Arhust, Mongolia


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