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Tough on the take, soft on the give – explore our range of corn heads and detasselers.

For 30 years now, Oxbo has understood what makes a good corn head and how it best suits each type of corn in the harvest. The same applies to corn production, where detasselers are indispensable. Oxbo’s detasselers have a small turning circle, but large impact. See for yourself:

Oxbo 60er-/3000er-Series

corn heads Oxbo 60/3000 series

  • SoftTouch technology, coupled with special feeding belts – for more care and less loss
  • Available in different sizes with various row distances – suitable for seed corn and sweet corn and for all of our machinery
Oxbo 5180

Detasseler Oxbo 5180

  • Self-propelled machine
  • Flexible toolbar for simple adaptation to any seed pattern as well as precise and productive operation
  • Intuitive, clear tools in the machine and cabin
  • Robust design for the toughest field conditions
  • Small turning circle and all-wheel steering for convenient entry into each row
  • Powerful engine: John Deere Tier 4F, 173 hp

Dump Carts Oxbo 35 Series

  • innovative modular design delivers unprecedented durability and maximum design flexibility
  • made to reliably cycle thousands of times
  • rapid cycle time: 2 minutes or less to full dump height, dump and return
  • ability to “dump-on-the-go” allows less start and stop cycles on harvester
  • high flotation tires less damaging to your fields and equipment
  • 3 models customizable for your needs: 18m³ Box (model 3518), 21m³ box (model 3521), 24m³ box (model 3524)
Oxbo 2560

Corn harvesting machine Oxbo 2560

  • Self-propelled machine for harvesting sweet corn and seed corn
  • Compatible with Oxbo 60 Series and 3000 Series corn heads
  • Robust hopper on chassis
  • Large feeder housing for consistent intake – including in the case of heavy crops
Oxbo 8520

Corn harvesting machine Oxbo 8520

  • Self-propelled machine for harvesting sweet corn and seed corn
  • Compatible with Oxbo 60 Series and 3000 Series corn heads
  • Wide conveyor belts for guaranteed unrestricted flow
  • Large, robust, integrated dump box (hopper) on powerful all-wheel chassis
  • Rear axle steering and differential braking for optimal manoeuvring
Oxbo 8530

Corn harvesting machine Oxbo 8530

  • Self-propelled machine for harvesting sweet corn and seed corn
  • First choice for maximum performance
  • Feeder housing optionally via chain feeder or conveyor
  • Compatible with largest-possible corn heads of up to 20 rows
Bourgoin B620

Corn harvesting machine Bourgoin B620

  • Self-propelled machine for harvesting sweet corn and seed corn
  • Unique husking option for defoliating the corn cobs directly in the machine
  • Compatible with roller headers, Oxbo or Geringhoff corn heads with up to 6 rows

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spare Parts

All spare parts – promptly delivered

If your harvester is missing something, the part you need will be with you in no time. Benefit from our cross-border supply chains for rapid repairs.

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All of our second-hand machinery is factory selected and tested to ensure that quality standards are fulfilled. Thanks to this transparency, you know what you are getting for your money. And if you want an overhauled second-hand machine, we'll take care of this.

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